In summer 2019, I did a three month internship at Rackspace. I worked as a UX intern with the UX team of ObjectRocket and I was responsible for evaluating and improving their new database platform which helped increase the satisfaction of users and bring new customers.

My Role

UX Intern


12 Weeks




The new database platform had several brand new features that we didn't have on previous ones such as fully managed metrics service, role-based access control, new datastores, etc. Thus, the process was all about finding and applying data that can improve the platform.


  1. 1. Performed an audit on both new and old platforms to identify problems.

  2. 2. Analyzed current user flows and past customer's support tickets to uncover potential gapsbetween user's expectations and the design.

  3. 3. Created a user testing plan according to the previous findings.

  4. 4. Conducted the user tests with 8 real customers and analyzed the results.

  5. 5. Designed solutions based on the insights from user testings and the business's goals of the corporation.

  6. 6. Increased satisfaction of users by 40%.

Takeaways & Lessons