Franklin is an AI assistant that helps people to improve language skills with real-world contexts. By interacting with Franklin, it gives users personalized feedbacks and clear goals for users to practice and improve specific weaknesses. As a designer, I took the responsibility to design the experience from scratch. Learning a new language is always tough for people and my team and I tried making the process painless and joyful.

My Role

UX/Product Designer


12 Weeks


Web & Mobile

Problem Space

According to our research, there are two big gaps between the user's expectations and current language learning tools.

Firstly, the lack of real-world context makes language learning impractical. A person knowing how to pronounce and the definition of a word doesn't mean that he/she knows how to use a word in daily life. Users could've spent tons of time on language learning tools but couldn't apply what they have learned at the moment they need it the most.

Secondly, nothing would be more helpful than personalized feedback and examples. Every user has different occasions for using a new language. Thus, specific and accurate feedback helps users to understand how to improve specifically. After all, the best way to improve is to learn from their mistakes.

Franklin Demo